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My Past

I, Aidan, have 8 different certificates that covered many areas of fitness, nutrition, and nutritional cooking. I’ve spent over 4 years developing my knowledge and helping people reach their goals all the while, making it fun and simple.

Being certified as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Group Trainer for Fitness, as well as being certified as a Personal Fitness Chef for the Nutrition and Cooking part, I’ve build a base of experience and knowledge to assist all the needs and desires you may have regarding your health and fitness!

My Future

Will 4 years behind my belt, it is still only the beginning. I plan to build my knowledge with more course in nutrition and fitness as well and grow my experience with more clients. What I have planned for all of you will be exciting and some you shouldn’t miss!

Just as a sneak peek, some of my projects will include Protein Bites infused with CBD Oil, Brand Apparel that stands for life, and much more! Keep up with it by following my Instagram, @aidanjrothpan.

The future will be as you make it! Don’t let yourself or others build a wall that separates your dreams from your life! Instead, build a bridge for your dreams and don’t forget, I’m here to help!

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> 700
Hours of Training Clients
> 150
Meals Cooked for Clients
$ 60
Cost Per Hour
$ 10
Average Cost Per Meal